5 easy tips to help keep warm when outside temperatures drop.


Step 1

Close your curtains at dusk to block out cold air and draughts.

Step 2

Try to stay active. Moving around will help you stay warm.

Step 3

Drink something hot at regular intervals and eat at least one hot meal a day. This will help maintain your energy levels.

Step 4

Dress in layers of warm clothing rather than wearing just one layer of thick knitwear.

Step 5

Wrap up well if you need to go outside. Don't forget to wear warm gloves, a hat and boots or shoes that have a good grip.


Be a good neighbour

Cold weather can be a difficult time for people who are elderly, housebound or disabled.

If you have a neighbour who may be at risk during the cold weather, why not call round to check that they're ok? Visit them regularly and help them to get advice and support should they need it.